Project of the house with an area of 121 m2, 8 x 8.

The project is divided into sections: one and a half storeys, cottages, houses in classic style, houses with a gable roof, square houses, with a dressing room and terrace, with 1 bedroom on the first floor, from 50 to 100 sq. m.Facade of house. Photo source: This project is a variation on the theme of the house: one and a half storeys, square, with a balcony and a terrace, from 50 to 100 sq. m.Here is the project in more detail with the price and characteristicsThe house is one and a half storeys high, the walls of the upper floor are 40 and the width of the rooms is 24 m. There is a continuation of the slope of the roof of the terrace, which is offset from the main ridge of the roof, and the floor of the terrace is covered with a layer of natural stone. Here is a selection of similar one and a half story projects with a terrace and balconySuch a house project can be built using frame technology or from profiled timber. It is easy to make repairs if necessary.Layout of the first floor. Photo source: The house has a separate bathroom with an area of 4.5 sq. m. it is not necessary to make a separate boiler or steam room, the area is enough to accommodate a shower and sink.Entering the house, we find ourselves in a vestibule with an area of 9 sq.m. and inside the vestibule there is a place for a storage system of clothing.From vestibule entrance to the boiler room with an area of 3.9 sq. m., which is located next to the bathroom in the house. Here is a selection of similar one and a half story projects with a terrace and balconyBehind the vestibule there is a passage to the house itself. The vestibule area is 5.6 sq. m., which is convenient for placing cabinets for storage. From the hall we enter three rooms: a bathroom, a technical room, and a bedroom with a separate entrance from the street. Vestibule in the project, there is a place for a double bed, a storage room, and a pantry. The project provides for large Windows in the living room, which can be partially sunk in the project area.Layout of the second floor. Photo source: dom-bt.comOn the second floor there are three bedrooms with an area of 10.1 sq. m. and 9.8 sq. m. The larger bedroom has access to the balcony, which is located above the porch. If desired, the project can place a separate bedroom on the second floor and provide access to it. For this house, we can separately sell an inexpensive architectural project (